Research image management

The Moving Pictures promise is simple and guaranteed:

  • 100% de-identification of all DICOM
  • 100% browser-based uploading without software or hardware to install
  • 20-year secured image storage with instant retrieval at no cost

Our service eliminates the most problematic challenges inherent to clinical trial imaging, allowing you to focus on trial management instead of image management:

  • Eliminate shipping costs & delays due to batch shipping
  • Avoid compliance and legal issues due to improper de-identification and mislabeling
  • Protect against incompatible formats and data corruption
20 years
100% de-identification guarantee
15 years
10 years
5 years
100% adoption by our research sites
20-year image repository with site and lab performance metrics included

Real-Time Visibility

Moving Pictures gives you complete status and performance visibility for all aspects of the image data collection and interpretation process in real-time. Meaningful data visualizations and insightful reports provide trial managers and research monitors the tools to pinpoint bottlenecks, trace case paths, and benchmark research site and core lab performance.

Moving Pictures empowers researchers with unprecedented transparency into the status of each DICOM case during the transport, de-identification and core lab interpretation stages.


Images embedded with protected health information must be redacted to remove PHI. However, standard masking degrades the image in already lossy modalities such as ultrasound images.

Lossless redaction. MDDX has pioneered novel algorithms to prevent the image degradation typically experienced during masking and redaction. Image quality is maintained, even through multiple sequential redactions.



    Significant degradation
    in anatomical region

    Targeted removal of identifiers
    results in no loss of image
    quality in anatomical region


Moving Picture image data platform uses over 100,000 DICOM datasets and site performance data to provide detailed risk metrics and indicators for your trials’ sites. Sponsors, site monitors and clinical research coordinators have access to meaningful benchmark data and graphs that can be scoped to trial, site, procedure and user levels.

All performance metrics come with “Tips to Improve” for underperforming sites. Triggers and alerts automatically notify you of sites that need additional monitoring and assistance.